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From 12 June 2006 the website has been the global commercial aviation industry's most widely used portal for Airlines, Airports, Industry Suppliers, Authorities, MROs, Ground Handlers, Consultants and System integrators. No longer.

I started this website in June 2006 maily as a way of teaching myself HTML and CSS - in which endeavour I was only partially successful. I also wanted to produce a comprehensive, free resource for the commercial aviation community. Over the years I have received many messages of support and remarkably few complaints or brickbats. The latter through inertia on the part of website visitors, I suspect. During the past 12 years I have administered and populated the site entirely unaided and with no meaningful reward. A few quid from Google ads but nothing more.

So .... I am closing the site for good today 17 June 2018 because I am 72 years old and unwell and I am no longer able to continue meeting the cost of running the site from my meagre pension.

The aviation community (that I have been pleased to serve over the past 12 years) has been happy to continue to take, under the false belief that information should always be free, whilst the cost of delivering it is none of their concern.

I hope you have found the site useful and that you will be able to find another free-to-enter and free-to-use contacts resource with the breadth of coverage previously offered by Good luck with that.

Kind Regards Paul Ellis
Owner / Director / Webmaster / Editor / Tea-maker


Please note that you are welcome to bid for any or all of the former content. Any agreement will permit successful biders to use the data in any way they wish, without restrictions.
Successful bidders swill receive the content in the form of HTML pages, together with the relevant CSS code pages that will render the HTML as seen on the former website. This is not a 'fire sale' and I would expect to receive sensible bids based on the content's real value.