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Airlines - H

This section provides links to all currently operating international, regional, domestic, passenger and cargo airlines. Airlines are sorted by name. This page lists airlines names beginning with the letter H.

Airlines header
Airline Main Base Country IATA code ICAO code IATA Prefix Start
Hainan Airlines Haikou (HAK) China HU CHH 880 1989
Hak Air Lagos (LOS) Nigeria - HKL 2013
Hangard Aviation Ullan Baator (ULN) Mongolia - HGD 1983
Happy Air Phuket (HKT) Thailand - HPY 2009
Harbour Air Vancouver (YVR) Canada H3 HES 458 1982
Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu (HNL) USA HA HAL 173 1941
Hazar Avia Turkmenistan - - 2008
Hebei Airlines Shijiazhuang (SJW) China NS HBH 2010
Hebridean Air Services Cumbernauld United Kingdom - - 1995
Helijet Airways Vancouver (YVR) Canada JB JBA 613 1986
Helitrans Trondheim (TRD) Norway - HTA 2004
Hellenic Imperial Airways Athens (ATH) Greece HT IMP 2006
Hello Airlines Dhaka (DAC) Bangladesh H3 - - 2016
Helvetic Airways Zurich (ZRH) Switzerland 2L OAW 2002
Henan Airlines Zhengzhou (CGO) China VD KPA 2014
Hermes Airlines Athens (ATH) Greece H3 HRM 2011
Hesa Airlines Isfahan (IFN) Iran - SPN 2011
Hex' Air Le Puy (LPY) France UD HER 848 1991
Hi Fly Lisbon (LIS) Portugal 5K HFY 40 2006
Himalaya Airways Kathmandu (KTM) Nepal - - - 2015
HM Airways Luanda (LAD) Angola - - - 2005
Hokkaido Air System Okadama (OKD) Japan - NTH 1998
Hong Kong Airlines Hong Kong (HKG) Hong Kong HX CRK 851 2006
Hong Kong Express Airways Hong Kong (HKG) Hong Kong UO HKE 2005
Hongtu Airlines Kunming (KMG) China A6 HTU - 2015
Hop! ACMI France HO HOP 2013
Hunnu Air Ullan Baator (ULN) Mongolia MR MML 2013
Hyperion Aviation Luqa (MLA) Malta - HYP 2012