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Airlines in Brazil Flag of Brazil

This page provides links to all currently operating international, regional, domestic, passenger and cargo airlines registered in Brazil. Click on Airline Name for contact, fleet, route and accident data.

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Airlines in Brazil
Airline Main Base
IATA code
ICAO code
IATA Prefix
Start of ops.
Abaeté Linhas Aereas Salvador (SSA)
Air Brasil Sao Paulo (CGH)
Avianca Brazil Rio de Janeiro (SDU)
Azul São Paulo (VCP)
Colt Cargo São Paulo (VCP)
Cruiser Linhas Aéreas Curitaba (BFH)
Gensa Campo Grande (CGR)
GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes Sao Paulo (CGH)
JadLog São Paulo (VCP)
LATAM Brasil São Paulo (VCP)
LATAM Cargo Brasil São Paulo (VCP)
MAP Linhas Aéreas Manaus
Meta Linhas Aéreas Boa Vista (BVB)
NHT Linhas Aéreas Port Alegre (POA)
Passaredo Transportes Aéreos Ribeiro Preto (RAO)
Rio Linhas Aereas Curitiba (CWB)
Sete Linhas Aereas Goiania (GYN)
Sideral Air Cargo Curitiba (CWB)
Skymaster Airlines  
TEAM Linhas Aéreas Rio de Janeiro (SDU)
Total Linhas Aéreas Belo Horizonte (PLU)

Airlines defunct since 2000 in Brazil
Airline Fate
IATA code
ICAO code
Start of ops.
End of ops.
ABSA Cargo 73.3% acquired in 2001 by LAN Chile; renamed to LATAM Cargo 2016
Amazonia Linhas Aéreas -
ATA Brazil Originally formed as ATA Táxi Aéreo
BETA Cargo AOC apparently suspended in 2010
BRA Transportes Aéreos Ops suspended 7/11/07 over financial issues; most assets purchased 10/11/07 by Ocean Air & restarted limited charter ops in 2/09 with 1 aircraft. Eventually closed 6/09
BrasMex -
Flex Linhas Aéreas Declared bankrupcy on 20/8/10 and ceased all services
Fly Linhas Aéreas Ceased ops in 2004; resumed ops 5/3/05 until 7/05
Flyways Linhas Aéreas Entered financial issues 6/16 and ceased ops; purchased 19/6/16 by Avmax & resumed services 10/10/16; suspended again 27/10/16 & AOC suspended 24/2/17
Global Taxi Aéreo -
GOL Transportes Aéreos Merged its AOC into Varig's in 2009
Mais Linhas Aéreas AOC granted on 18/6/10. Started ops on 6/9/12; shut down during 2013
Nacional Transportes Aéreos -
Nordeste Linhas Aéreas Regionais Acquired in 1995 by Rio-Sul, becoming a subsidiary of Varig; ceased ops in 2006 following Varig's collapse
Ocean Air Management control transferred to Avianca from 10/3/08; renamed to Avianca Brasil 26/4/10
Passaredo Transportes Aéreos Ceased ops in 2002
Promodal Cargo -
Puma Air AOC suspended 8/7/08 due to inadequate TCAS equipment; re-started ops on 11/4/10
RICO Linhas Aéreas Assets purchased 5/10 by investment fund, forming CargoBis; suspended ops on 1/6/10
Rio-Sul Servicios Aéreos Regionais Formed by Varig. Renamed 15/6/01
Rio-Sul Servicios Linhas Aéreas Commercially integrated into Varig in 9/02; ceased ops in 2006 following Varig's collapse
São Conrado Taxi Aéreo -
Sky Master Airlines -
TAF Linhas Aéreas Ceased domestic passenger flights in 9/08, international flights in 4/09. AOC suspended 15/6/10
TAM Airlines Re-branded as LATAM Airlines effective 28/4/16
TAM Brasil Started trading as TAM Airlines circa 3/08
Tavaj Linhas Aéreas Originally formed as Taxi Aéreo Vale do Jurua
Transair International -
Transbrasil Failed to merge with Varig in 1975; acquired by former president of Fly Brasil in 2002; ceased ops 3/12/01 & liquidated in 2003
Transportes Aéreos Meridionais Merged into TAM Linhas Aéreas in 2001
TRIP Linhas Aéreas Purchased on 28/5/12 by Azul and merger completed on 6/5/14
VARIG Renamed to VRG Linhas Aéreas 10/06 and new AOC granted 14/12/06
VRG Linhas Aéreas Merged AOC and ops into GOL 19/10/08),keeping the VARIG brand name for a short time
VARIG Log Entered bankrupcy and suspended ops on 1/2/12. Liquidated 27/9/12
VASP Ceased most ops 23/1/05 & AOC withdrawn 26/1/05; entered liquidation proceedings 2008
Via Brasil -
WebJet Linhas Aéreas Ceased ops 23/11/12
Whitejets AOC granted 5/3/10 & started ops on 12/6/10; reorganized in 2013 as Pop Linhas Aéreas

Airline hull loss accidents in Brazil
Airline Aircraft type Reg. Location Fatal
10-Nov-15 Banco Bradesco Cessna 650 Citation VII PT-WQH near Guarda-Mor, MG 4 crashed
13-Aug-14 AF Andrade Empr. e Part. Cessna 560XLS+ Citation PR-AFA Santos, SP 7 crashed
28-Jul-14 Táxi Aéreo Ribeiro Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante PT-TAW near Foz do Iguaç... 0 crashed
13-Jun-14 Planalto Indústria Mecânica Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1 PP-PIM Aruanã Airpo... 0 crashed
28-Mar-14 Avianca Brazil Fokker 100 PR-OAF Brasília-Jus... 0 crashed
04-Dec-13 Heringer Táxi Aéreo BN-2A-3 Islander PT-WMY near Cachimbo, PA 5 crashed
18-May-13 BFB Leasing Cessna 500 Citation I PT-LPZ São Paulo-Ca... 0 crashed
11-Nov-12 Tropic Air Táxi Aéreo Cessna 525B CitationJet PR-MRG São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
13-Oct-12 Centurion Air Cargo MD-11F N988AR São Paulo/Ca... 0 crashed
28-Jul-12 Vilma Alimentos Beech B200 Super King Air PR-DOC Juiz de Fora... 8 crashed
28-Feb-12 CTA - Cleiton Taxi Aéreo Cessna 208B Grand Caravan PT-PTB near Manaus-Aeroc... 1 crashed
13-Jul-11 NOAR Linhas Aéreas Let L-410UVP-E20 PR-NOB near Recife-Guara... 16 crashed
23-May-11 MEGA Linhas Aéreas Cessna 208B Grand Caravan PT-OSG Barra do Ven... 0 crashed
21-Feb-11 TRIP Linhas Aéreas ATR 72-212 PR-TTI Altamira Air... 0 crashed
14-Jan-11 Grupo Araguaia Beech B200 Super King Air PR-ART near Senador Cane... 6 crashed
25-Aug-10 Passaredo Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-145LU (ERJ-145LU) PR-PSJ Vitória da C... 0 crashed
12-Aug-10 OceanAir Táxi Aéreo Learjet 55C PT-LXO Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
19-May-10 Táxi Aéreo Weiss Embraer EMB-110P Bandeirante PT-GKQ near Cascavel Air... 0 crashed
07-Mar-10 Líder Táxi Aéreo Learjet 35A PT-LJK Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
25-Jan-10 Piquiatuba Táxi Aéreo Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PT-TAF near Senador José... 2 crashed
01-Dec-09 TAF Linhas Aéreas Boeing 727-222F PR-MTK São Paulo-Gu... 0 crashed
22-May-09 Santa Coloma Investimentos Beech B300 Super King Air 350 PR-MOZ Porto Seguro... 14 crashed
07-Feb-09 Manaus Aerotáxi Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante PT-SEA near Santo Antóni... 24 crashed
23-Nov-08 JC Show Ltda (Banda Calypso) Beech B200 Super King Air PT-OSR near Recife-Guara... 2 crashed
12-Oct-08 Woolie Enterprises Inc. Beech 100 King Air N525ZS near Bauru Airpor... 1 crashed
15-Jul-08 Líder Táxi Aéreo Beech Beechjet 400A PT-WHF São José dos... 0 crashed
01-Jul-08 TAM Cessna 208B Grand Caravan PT-MEE near Divinópolis, PA 0 crashed
21-Apr-08 Rico Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante PT-OCV Coari Airpor... 0 crashed
04-Nov-07 Reali Táxi Aéreo Learjet 35A PT-OVC near São Paulo-Ca... 2+ 6 crashed
22-Aug-07 Two Táxi Aéreo Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante PT-SDB near Curitiba, PR 2 crashed
17-Jul-07 TAM Brasil Airbus A320-233 PR-MBK São Paulo-Co... 187+ 12 crashed
16-Jul-07 Pantanal ATR 42-300 PT-MFK São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
24-Nov-06 Puma Air Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia PP-PTB Altamira Air... 0 crashed
29-Sep-06 Gol Boeing 737-8EH PR-GTD near Peixoto Azev... 154 crashed
31-Mar-06 TEAM Let L-410UVP-E20 PT-FSE near Rio Bonito, RJ 19 crashed
09-Oct-05 RICO Cessna 208 Caravan I PR-RTA Rio Negro, AM 0 crashed
16-Sep-05 JCA Cessna 525 CitationJet PT-WLX Alto da Boa ... 2 crashed
29-Mar-05 Penta Cessna 208B Grand Caravan PT-MPA Vera Paz Far... 0 crashed
11-Dec-04 NHR Táxi-Aéreo Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante PT-WAK Uberaba Airp... 2+ 1 crashed
23-Oct-04 BETA Boeing 707-330C PP-BSE Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
14-May-04 Rico Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia PT-WRO near Manaus, AM 33 crashed
20-Oct-03 TAVAJ Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 PT-TVA Tarauacá Air... 0 crashed
23-Jul-03 Petroforte Bras. Cessna 551 Citation II/SP PT-LME Sorocaba, SP 1 crashed
23-Mar-03 Táxi Aéreo Pinhal Mitusbishi Mu-300 Diamond IA PT-LNN Santos Air B... 0 crashed
26-Jan-03 VASP Boeing 737-2M9 PP-SPJ Rio Branco-P... 0 crashed
01-Dec-02 American Virginia Cessna 500 Citation I PT-LIY Marília, SP 0 crashed
07-Oct-02 American Virginia Learjet 60 N5027Q Santa Cruz d... 1 crashed
14-Sep-02 TOTAL Linhas Aéreas ATR 42-312 PT-MTS near Paranapanema... 2 crashed
30-Aug-02 Rico Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia PT-WRQ near Rio Branco-P... 23 crashed
30-Aug-02 TAM Brasil Fokker 100 PT-MRL São Paulo-Vi... 0 crashed
30-Aug-02 TAM Brasil Fokker 100 PT-MQH Birigui, SP 0 crashed
13-Aug-02 Rico Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-120RT Brasilia PT-WGE Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
18-Mar-02 Varig Boeing 727-30C PP-VLV Belo Horizon... 0 crashed
22-Sep-01 FUNAI BN-2A Islander PT-KTQ near Rio Branco A... 0 crashed
16-Sep-01 Varig Boeing 737-2C3 PP-CJN Goiânia-Sant... 0 crashed
07-Mar-01 Skymaster Airlines Boeing 707-331C PT-MST São Paulo-Gu... 0 crashed
11-Jan-01 LASA BN-2A-21 Islander PT-KNE near Parnamirim, BA 3 crashed
31-Jan-00 Amazonas State Gov. Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante PP-EAM Envira, AM 0 crashed
08-Dec-99 TAF Linhas Aéreas Cessna 208A Caravan I PT-OHA near João Pessoa, PB 0 crashed
14-Sep-99 Norte Jet Táxi Aéreo Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante PT-ODK near Monte Dourad... 2 crashed
14-Apr-99 Jet Sul Táxi Aéreo Beech A100 King Air PT-LZA near Irati, PR 0 crashed
07-Apr-99 Manacá Táxi Aéreo Learjet 24D PT-LEM Ribeirão Pre... 5 crashed
16-Mar-99 Pantanal ATR 42-320 PT-MFI Mucuri Airpo... 0 crashed
02-Feb-99 Nortema Táxi Aéreo BN-2A-9 Islander PT-KNM Porto Velho-... 0 crashed
28-Dec-98 Rio Sul Embraer EMB-145ER (ERJ-145ER) PT-SPE Curitiba-Afo... 0 crashed
21-Oct-98 Capital Táxi Aéreo Embraer EMB-120RT Brasilia PT-WKH near Fortaleza-Pi... 3+ 1 crashed
29-Jul-98 Selva Taxi Aéreo Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante PT-LGN near Manaus, AM 12 crashed
31-Oct-97 DM Construtora de Obras Cessna 500 Citation I PT-LQG Canela Airpo... 3 crashed
18-Oct-97 TAM Cessna 208A Caravan I PT-OGC near São Paulo, SP 0 crashed
15-Aug-97 Riana Táxi Aéreo Cessna 550 Citation II PT-LML near Cocal do Sul... 2 crashed
03-Jul-97 Riana Táxi Aéreo Cessna 500 Citation I PT-ILJ Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
03-Mar-97 Pantanal Embraer EMB-120RT Brasilia PT-MFC Vilhena Airp... 0 crashed
14-Feb-97 Varig Boeing 737-2C3 PP-CJO Carajás Airp... 1 crashed
17-Jan-97 TAM Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 PT-LAM near Uberaba Airp... 0 crashed
31-Oct-96 TAM Fokker 100 PT-MRK near São Paulo-Co... 95+ 4 crashed
11-Oct-96 STAP Swearingen SA226-TC Metro II CP-1516 Cuiaba Airpo... 0 crashed
13-Sep-96 Helisul Taxi Aéreo Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante PT-WAV near Joinville, SC 2 crashed
04-Jun-96 Aeroexecutivos Learjet 25C PT-KBC Ribeião Pret... 1+ 1 crashed
02-Mar-96 Madrid Táxi Aéreo Learjet 25D PT-LSD near São Paulo-Gu... 9 crashed
04-Feb-96 Táxi Aéreo Weston Cessna 500 Citation I PT-KPA Fazenda Mata... 0 crashed
28-Nov-95 TABA Fairchild FH-227B PP-BUJ near Santarém Air... 3 crashed
11-Apr-95 TAM Cessna 208A Caravan I PT-OGO Luziânia Air... 0 crashed
04-Mar-95 Peruvian Police Harbin Yunshuji Y-12 PNP-224 Bom Jesus, AC 0 crashed
02-Feb-95 VASP Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMV São Paulo-Gu... 0 crashed
09-Nov-94 Líder Táxi Aéreo Learjet 55 PT-LIG Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
09-Oct-94 TAMPA Colombia Boeing 707-324C HK-3355X São Paulo-Gu... 0 crashed
23-Sep-94 Purus Aerotaxi Embraer EMB-110EJ Bandeirante PT-GJY near Tarauacá, AC 2 crashed
10-Sep-94 Thor Taxi Aéreo Learjet 24D PT-LAU Brasilia Int... 0 destroyed
07-May-94 RICO Embraer EMB-110EJ Bandeirante PT-GJW São Gabriel ... 8 crashed
26-Apr-94 Penta Cessna 208A Cargomaster PT-OGI near Jacareacanga... 2 crashed
06-Dec-93 TAM Cessna 208A Caravan I PT-OGM near Tucuma Airpo... 0 crashed
26-Aug-93 TAM Cessna 208A Caravan I PT-OGN Sinop Airpor... 0 hijacked
23-Mar-93 Oeste Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PP-SBJ near Cuiabá, MT 6 crashed
31-Jan-93 LADE Boeing 707-387B LV-ISA Recife-Guara... 0 crashed
25-Jan-93 TABA Fairchild FH-227B PT-LCS near Altamira Air... 3 crashed
01-Dec-92 TAM Cessna S550 Citation S/II PT-LKT São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
26-Nov-92 Aerobrasil Boeing 707-365C PT-TCP Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
28-Jul-92 Crasa Taxi Aéreo Learjet 25C PT-LHU Iguape, SP 6 crashed
22-Jun-92 VASP Boeing 737-2A1C PP-SND near Cruzeiro do ... 3 crashed
03-Feb-92 Nordeste Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PT-TBB Caetité, BA 12 crashed
11-Nov-91 Nordeste Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante PT-SCU near Recife-Guara... 15+ 2 crashed
18-Mar-91 Air Conesul Táxi Aéreo Learjet 25D PT-LLL near Brasília Int... 4 crashed
15-Mar-91 Líder Táxi Aéreo Learjet 35A PT-LIH Uberlândia-E... 0 crashed
11-Jan-91 Belair Learjet 25C PT-KKV near Belo Horizon... 5 crashed
20-Sep-90 Pernambuco State Gov. Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante PT-FAW near Fernando de ... 12 crashed
06-Jun-90 TABA Fairchild FH-227B PT-ICA near Altamira Air... 22 crashed
06-Apr-90 Transamérica Táxi Aéreo Learjet 25C PT-CMY Juiz De Fora... 2 crashed
12-Feb-90 TAM Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 PT-LCG Bauru Airpor... 1+ 2 crashed
07-Nov-89 Belair Learjet 25C PT-ISN near Belo Horizon... 5 crashed
03-Sep-89 Varig Boeing 737-241 PP-VMK near São José do ... 13 crashed
05-Aug-89 Locadora Belauto Ltda Learjet 25D PT-KYR Ilha das Onç... 4 crashed
21-Mar-89 Transbrasil Boeing 707-349C PT-TCS near São Paulo-Gu... 3+ 22 crashed
17-Feb-89 Serv-Jet Dassault Falcon 10 PT-ASJ Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
06-Sep-88 TAM Cessna S550 Citation S/II PT-LGJ Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
24-Feb-88 Transamérica Táxi Aéreo Learjet 24F PT-LMA near Macaé Airpor... 2 crashed
25-Jul-87 Rio Sul Embraer EMB-110P Bandeirante PT-GKT Santo Angelo... 0 crashed
11-Apr-87 Transbrasil Boeing 707-330C PT-TCO Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
19-Sep-86 Delta Connection, opb Atlantic Southeast Airlines - ASA Embraer EMB-120RT Brasilia N219AS near Mantiqueira, SP 5 crashed
28-Jan-86 VASP Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SME São Paulo-Gu... 1 crashed
02-Dec-85 Air France Boeing 747-228B F-GCBC Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
09-Oct-85 Nordeste Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PT-GKA near Vitória da C... 2 crashed
23-Jun-85 TABA Embraer EMB-110P Bandeirante PT-GJN near Juara Airpor... 17 crashed
06-Aug-84 Rio Sul Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 PT-LCZ Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
28-Jun-84 TAM Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PP-SBC near Rio das Ostr... 18 crashed
18-Apr-84 VOTEC Embraer EMB-110P Bandeirante PT-GKL near Imperatriz A... 1 crashed
18-Apr-84 VOTEC Embraer EMB-110EJ Bandeirante PT-GJZ near Imperatriz A... 18 crashed
28-Mar-84 Líder Táxi Aéreo Learjet 24D PT-LCN near Florianopoli... 4 crashed
07-Oct-83 TAM Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PP-SBH Araçatuba Ai... 7 crashed
22-Feb-83 VASP Boeing 737-2A1C PP-SNC Manaus-Eduar... 2 crashed
04-Dec-82 Global Int. Airways Boeing 707-323B N8434 Brasilia Int... 0 crashed
03-Sep-82 Compañia Brasileira de Tratores Learjet 25B PT-JBQ near Rio Branco A... 10 crashed
12-Jun-82 TABA Fairchild FH-227B PT-LBV Tabatinga In... 44 crashed
08-Jun-82 VASP Boeing 727-212 PP-SRK Sierra de Pa... 137 crashed
25-May-82 VASP Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMY Brasilia Int... 2 crashed
24-May-82 TAM Learjet 25B PT-KZY Uberaba, MG 0 crashed
22-May-82 Rio Sul Embraer EMB-110P Bandeirante PT-GKC near Florianopoli... 0 crashed
11-Jun-81 Varig Boeing 707-341C PP-VJT Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
24-Feb-81 VOTEC Embraer EMB-110P Bandeirante PT-GLB Belém Airpor... 11 crashed
28-Jan-81 Sudene Douglas DC-3 PP-ZNU Petrolina, PE   crashed
11-Aug-80 Prospec BN-2A-6 Islander PT-KAC near Rio de Janei... 3 crashed
13-May-80 VOTEC BN-2A-6 Islander PT-KHK near São Paulo-Vi... 7 crashed
12-Apr-80 Transbrasil Boeing 727-27C PT-TYS near Florianópoli... 55 crashed
30-Mar-80 VOTEC BN-2A-9 Islander PT-JSC Cuiabá-Marec... 9 crashed
13-Nov-79 Con. Tec. Operacional de Aviacao Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PT-KVT near Cascavel Air...   crashed
23-Aug-79 Líder Táxi Aéreo Learjet 24D PT-DZU São Paulo-Vi... 0 crashed
26-Jul-79 Lufthansa Boeing 707-330C D-ABUY near Rio de Janei... 3 crashed
14-Jun-79 VOTEC BN-2A-6 Islander PT-IJE near Aldeia Indíg... 4 unknown
08-Feb-79 TAM Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PT-SBB Bauru, SP 18 crashed
26-Dec-78 Hidroservice Learjet 25C PT-JDX São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
04-Nov-78 Nordeste Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PT-TBF Bocaiúva, MG 0 unknown
07-Oct-78 RICO Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PT-KVU Belo Horizon... 0 crashed
10-Aug-78 Encal Servicio Aéreo BN-2A-21 Islander PT-KRP near São Paulo, SP 2 crashed
02-Apr-78 VASP Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMX São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
31-Jan-78 TABA Embraer EMB-110P Bandeirante PT-GKW Eirunepe Air... 2 crashed
12-May-77 Geofoto BN-2A-21 Islander PT-KUO near Curitiba, PR 1 crashed
29-Apr-77 Cruzeiro do Sul NAMC YS-11A-202 PP-CTI Navegantes A... 0 crashed
04-Jan-77 Transbrasil BAC One-Eleven 520FN PP-SDS São Paulo-Vi... 0 crashed
12-Nov-76 TAM Learjet 25B PT-DVL Guanabara Ba... 0 crashed
12-Nov-76 Taxi Aéreo Jaragua Cessna 500 Citation I PT-KIU Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
28-Oct-76 Nordeste Linhas Aéreas Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PT-TBA near Petrolina In... 2 crashed
26-Sep-76 Banco Real Learjet 25C PT-IBR São Paulo-Vi... 7 crashed
11-Jun-76 RICO Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-AJC between Paua... 3 crashed
22-Jan-76 Transbrasil Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PT-TBD Chapecó Airp... 7 crashed
14-Jan-76 FAA North American-Rockwell Sabreliner N85 near Recife, PE 1 crashed
17-Jun-75 Varig Hawker Siddeley HS-748 PP-VDN Pedro Afonso... 1+ 3 crashed
17-May-75 Motortec Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-CDD Rio de Janei... 0 destroyed
27-Feb-75 VASP Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante PP-SBE near São Paulo-Co... 15 crashed
22-Oct-74 Projeto Rondon Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-FOR Bias Fortes, MG 9 crashed
01-Feb-74 Transbrasil BAC One-Eleven 520FN PP-SDQ São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
23-Dec-73 Cruzeiro do Sul SE-210 Caravelle VI-R PP-PDV Manaus/Ponta... 0 crashed
23-Oct-73 VASP NAMC YS-11A-211 PP-SMJ near Rio de Janei... 8 crashed
04-Oct-73 Taxi Aéreo Cesar Aguiar BN-2A-7 Islander PT-DVN Itaituba, PA 8 crashed
29-Sep-73 Aeronorte Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PT-CEV Itaituba Air... 5 crashed
09-Jun-73 Varig Boeing 707-327C PP-VLJ Rio de Janei... 2 crashed
01-Jun-73 Cruzeiro do Sul SE-210 Caravelle VI-N PP-PDX São Luíz-Mar... 23 crashed
15-May-73 VASP Vickers 827 Viscount PP-SRD Salvador-Doi... 0 crashed
04-May-73 Líder Táxi Aéreo Learjet 24 PT-CXK Rio de Janei... 3 crashed
29-Jan-73 VASP Douglas C-47 (DC-3) PP-SQA Rondonopolis...   crashed
18-Oct-72 Cruzeiro do Sul NAMC YS-11A-202 PP-CTG São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
29-May-72 Amazonese Lockheed L-149 Constellation PP-PDG near Cruzeiro do ... 9 crashed
12-Apr-72 VASP NAMC YS-11A-211 PP-SMI near Rio de Janei... 25 crashed
10-Apr-72 Inair Panama Douglas DC-6B HP-539 Manaus, AM 0 crashed
04-Feb-72 Varig Hawker Siddeley HS-748 PP-VDU Porto Alegre... 0 crashed
07-Nov-71 VASP NAMC YS-11A-212 PP-SML Aragarças Ai... 0 crashed
28-Sep-71 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas DC-3A-414A PP-CBV near Sena Madurei... 32 crashed
28-Oct-70 Amazônia Fairchild C-82A Packet PT-DNZ Serra do Nor... 4 crashed
22-Aug-70 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-CCL Cruzeiro do ...   crashed
14-Mar-70 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Fairchild FH-227B PP-BUF near Belém/Val-de... 38 crashed
05-Feb-70 Varig Lockheed L-188A Electra PP-VJP Porto Alegre... 0 crashed
14-Dec-69 Varig Hawker Siddeley HS-748 PP-VDQ Uberlandia A... 0 crashed
14-Sep-69 VASP Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-SPP Londrina Air... 20 crashed
31-Aug-69 Inst. Bras. de Reforma Agraria Learjet 23 PP-FMX near Rio de Janei... 5 crashed
04-Aug-69 Trans Southern Corp Lockheed L-749A Constellation N120A near Auriflama, SP 0 crashed
14-Apr-69 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas DC-3A PP-CBZ Santa Isabel...   crashed
02-Apr-69 VASP Douglas DC-4 PP-LET Rio de Janei...   unknown
03-Feb-69 Carolina Aircraft Curtiss C-46A N5133B near Manaus, AM 0 crashed
11-Jan-69 VASP Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-SPR Loanda, PA   unknown
06-Nov-68 VASP Douglas C-54A (DC-4) PP-LEW Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
20-Oct-68 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-SAD Feijó Airpor... 19 crashed
17-Oct-68 Cruzeiro do Sul PBV-1A Canso A (PBY-5A) PP-PCW Canutama, AM 4 crashed
15-Sep-68 VASP Vickers 827 Viscount PP-SRE near São Paulo-Co... 2+ 1 crashed
07-Sep-68 Varig Boeing 707-341C PP-VJR Rio de Janei... 0 destroyed
15-Jul-68 Varig Curtiss C-46 Super C PP-VBJ Gravatá, PE 3 crashed
27-Mar-68 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-BTX     unknown
03-Nov-67 Sadia Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 214 PP-SDJ near Curitiba-Afo... 21 crashed
14-Oct-67 Varig Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-VBH São Paulo, SP   unknown
01-Mar-67 Sadia Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-ASS Caravelas, BA 0 crashed
31-Oct-66 VASP Vickers 701 Viscount PP-SRM Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
19-Oct-66 Cruzeiro do Sul Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina PP-PEC Belém, PA 4 crashed
15-Jul-66 Varig Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-YPT Campo Largo, PR 0 crashed
23-Jun-66 Varig Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-YPK Porto Nacion...   crashed
20-Apr-66 Varig Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-VAY Porto Nacion... 0 crashed
19-Dec-65 VASP Curtiss C-46A PP-LDQ Salvador, BA 0 crashed
29-Oct-65 Webair Curtiss C-46D N75296 Pouso Alegre... 0 crashed
23-Oct-65 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-BTI near Vilhena, RO   crashed
28-Aug-65 T.A. Catarinense Douglas DC-3A-367 PP-AJE Carauari Air... 0 crashed
20-Aug-65 Cruzeiro do Sul Convair CV-240-0 PP-CFD Rio de Janei...   crashed
12-Aug-65 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-BTH near Barra do Bug... 13 crashed
24-Mar-65 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46D PP-BTP Rio Branco A... 0 crashed
03-Mar-65 VASP Vickers 701C Viscount PP-SRQ Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
22-Jan-65 Panair do Brasil Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3) PP-PEE Porto Velho, RO   crashed
15-Jan-65 VASP Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-SPU Santa Isabel...   crashed
26-Nov-64 VASP Douglas C-48B (DC-3) PP-SQP São Paulo-Co... 0 destroyed
04-Sep-64 VASP Vickers 701C Viscount PP-SRR near Nova Friburg... 39 crashed
16-Aug-64 VASP Curtiss C-46A PP-NMF near Belém, PA 1 crashed
06-Jun-64 VASP Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-SPK Brasília Int... 0 crashed
27-May-64 VASP Douglas C-47 (DC-3) PP-SPZ Morro do São... 3 crashed
11-Apr-64 Panair do Brasil PBV-1A Canso A (PBY-5A) PP-PCZ Portel, PA   crashed
04-Apr-64 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Douglas DC-4 PP-BTQ Belém Airpor... 0 crashed
26-Mar-64 VASP Curtiss C-46D PP-LDL Guanabara Ba... 3 crashed
08-Mar-64 VASP SAAB Scandia 90A-1 PP-SQY Londrina Air... 0 crashed
15-Feb-64 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-BTU near Tabajara, RO 0 crashed
06-Feb-64 Perdigao SA Comercio y Industria Douglas DC-3A-228C PT-ATP near São Sebastiã... 2 crashed
06-Sep-63 Panair do Brasil SE-210 Caravelle VI-R PP-PDU Gamela, PE 0 crashed
04-Aug-63 Sadia Douglas C-49E (DC-3DST-144) PP-SLL Ibicaré, SC 10 crashed
01-Jul-63 Varig Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-VBV near Passo Fundo ... 15 crashed
21-Jun-63 Varig Curtiss C-46A PP-NBP Brasilia Int... 0 crashed
05-May-63 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Douglas DC-4 PP-BTR São Paulo-Co... 0 destroyed
03-May-63 Cruzeiro do Sul Convair CV-340-59 PP-CDW near São Paulo-Co... 37 crashed
08-Apr-63 Panair do Brasil Douglas DC-7C PP-PDM Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
22-Jan-63 Cruzeiro do Sul Convair CV-340-59 PP-CDY Parnaiba Air... 0 crashed
15-Jan-63 Cruzeiro do Sul Convair CV-240-0 PP-CEV near São Paulo-Co... 6+ 7 crashed
22-Dec-62 Varig Convair CV-240-2 PP-VCQ near Brasilia, DF 1 crashed
14-Dec-62 Panair do Brasil Lockheed L-049 Constellation PP-PDE near Paraná da Ev... 50 crashed
26-Nov-62 VASP SAAB Scandia 90A-1 PP-SRA near Paraibuna, SP 23 crashed
20-Aug-62 Panair do Brasil Douglas DC-8-33 PP-PDT Rio de Janei... 15 crashed
27-Jun-62 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-BTE Pedro Afonso... 0 crashed
09-May-62 Cruzeiro do Sul Convair CV-240-0 PP-CEZ near Vitoria-Goia... 23 crashed
03-Mar-62 Panair do Brasil Lockheed L-049 Constellation PP-PCR Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
03-Mar-62 Varig Douglas DC-3-178 PP-YQN Nanuque, MG   crashed
12-Dec-61 Varig Curtiss C-46A PP-VBM near Praia de Ita... 0 crashed
23-Nov-61 Aerolineas Argentinas de Havilland DH-106 Comet 4 LV-AHR near São Paulo/Ca... 52 crashed
01-Nov-61 Panair do Brasil Douglas DC-7C PP-PDO near Recife-Guara... 45 crashed
24-Oct-61 Panair do Brasil PBV-1A Canso A (PBY-5A) PP-PCY near Parintins, AM 0 crashed
14-Oct-61 Panair do Brasil Douglas DC-7C PP-PDL Belém Airpor... 0 crashed
27-Sep-61 Varig SE-210 Caravelle III PP-VJD Brasilia Int... 0 crashed
06-Sep-61 REAL Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-AVL Concórdia, SC 4 crashed
19-Jun-61 Trans Atlantica Argentina Lockheed L-1649A Starliner LV-GLH Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
15-Mar-61 Aeronorte Douglas C-53 (DC-3) PP-YQS near Ponta Grossa... 3 crashed
06-Mar-61 Iberia Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellatio EC-AIP São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
23-Feb-61 REAL Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-ANI São Paulo-Co... 0 destroyed
26-Jan-61 Panair do Brasil Lockheed L-049 Constellation PP-PDC Belo Horizon... 0 crashed
18-Dec-60 Varig Curtiss C-46 Super C PP-VCT São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
07-Dec-60 REAL Curtiss C-46A PP-AKF Cachimbo, PA 15 crashed
22-Sep-60 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-BTF near Belém Airpor... 6 crashed
24-Aug-60 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-BTJ Rio Jaru, RO 0 crashed
15-Aug-60 VASP SAAB Scandia 90A-2 PP-SQS São Paulo-Vi... 0 crashed
24-Jun-60 REAL Convair CV-340-62 PP-YRB Guanabara Ba... 54 crashed
12-Apr-60 Cruzeiro do Sul, op.for Varig Douglas C-53 (DC-3) PP-CDS Pelotas-Fede... 10 crashed
25-Feb-60 REAL Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-AXD Rio de Janei... 26 crashed
26-Jan-60 Cruzeiro do Sul Fairchild C-82A Packet PP-CEM Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
26-Jan-60 ALAS Guaranies Consolidated P4Y-2 Privateer ZP-CAD Rio de Janei... 0 destroyed
04-Jan-60 T.A. Salvador Curtiss C-46A PP-SLJ Dianopolis A... 0 crashed
22-Dec-59 VASP Vickers 827 Viscount PP-SRG near Rio de Janei... 32+ 10 crashed
22-Nov-59 NAB Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3) PP-NAZ near Ilha Rasa, RJ 2 crashed
23-Sep-59 VASP SAAB Scandia 90A-1 PP-SQV near São Paulo-Co... 20 crashed
27-Aug-59 REAL Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-AVY Maringa Airp...   unknown
15-Jul-59 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PT-BEE near Babaçulândia... 2 crashed
06-May-59 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-BTA near Belém, PA 3 crashed
11-Jan-59 Lufthansa Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellatio D-ALAK Rio de Janei... 36 crashed
06-Jan-59 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-LDH Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
30-Dec-58 VASP SAAB Scandia 90A-2 PP-SQE Guanabara Ba... 21 crashed
22-Sep-58 NAB Douglas VC-47D (DC-3) PP-NAR Barreiras, BA 3 crashed
22-Sep-58 Varig Convair CV-240-2 PP-VCK Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
05-Sep-58 Loide Aéreo Nacional Curtiss C-46A PP-LDX near Campina Gran... 13 crashed
19-Aug-58 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas C-47 (DC-3) PP-CDI Itajaí Airpo... 0 crashed
11-Aug-58 Loide Aéreo Nacional Douglas DC-4 PP-LEQ Ilha Carnapi... 10 crashed
16-Jun-58 Cruzeiro do Sul Convair CV-440-59 PP-CEP near Curitiba Air... 21 crashed
10-Jun-58 Aerolineas Argentinas Douglas DC-6 LV-ADV near Ilha Grande ... 0 crashed
31-May-58 Paraense Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46D PP-BTB near Rio de Janei... 4 crashed
01-Feb-58 Loide Aéreo Nacional Douglas DC-4 PP-LEM Rio de Janei... 5 crashed
16-Jan-58 Cruzeiro do Sul Fairchild C-82A Packet PP-CEF near Belém, PA 3 crashed
11-Jan-58 Cruzeiro do Sul Fairchild C-82A Packet PP-CEH Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
03-Jan-58 Varig Douglas DC-3-277D PP-VDL Porto Alegre... 0 crashed
22-Dec-57 Paraguay Air Services Curtiss C-46A ZP-CBM near Aracruz, ES 5 crashed
04-Nov-57 REAL Douglas C-54A (DC-4) PP-AXS near Praia da Bal... 0 crashed
18-Oct-57 Varig Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-VCS Porto Alegre... 3 crashed
10-Apr-57 REAL Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-ANX Ilha Anchiet... 26 crashed
07-Apr-57 Varig Curtiss C-46A PP-VCF Bagé Airport... 40 crashed
23-Feb-57 VASP Junkers Ju-52/3m PT-AUX near Salesópolis, SP 6 crashed
30-Oct-56 SGACC Hurel-Dubois HD.321 F-BHHA near Rio de Janei... 1 crashed
06-Sep-56 Loide Aéreo Nacional Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-ANK Belo Horizon... 0 crashed
12-Jul-56 TICAL Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina PT-ASN near Marabá, PA 1 crashed
07-May-56 VASP Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-SPX São Paulo-Co... 0 destroyed
18-Apr-56 Panair do Brasil PB2B-1 Canso A (PBY-5A) PP-PDB Parintins, AM 3 crashed
01-Dec-55 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-CCC near Belém, PA 6 crashed
26-Aug-55 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas DC-3A PP-CBY near Castelo, ES 13 crashed
03-Apr-55 Comp. Itaú de Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-ITG near Vitória-Goia... 3 crashed
06-Mar-55 REAL Douglas DC-3A PP-YPZ Vitoria da C... 5 crashed
21-Oct-54 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas R4D-1 (DC-3) PP-CCP Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
12-Sep-54 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-CDJ near Rio de Janei... 6 crashed
04-Jun-54 Varig Curtiss C-46A PP-VBZ São Paulo-Co... 3 crashed
31-May-54 T.A. Nacionales Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-ANO Serra do Cip... 19 crashed
04-Mar-54 Loide Aéreo Nacional Curtiss C-46D PP-LPH Guanabara Ba... 0 crashed
12-Dec-53 Aeronorte Junkers Ju-52/3m PP-DZY Mogi das Cru... 2 crashed
14-Sep-53 Loide Aéreo Nacional Curtiss C-46A PP-LDM São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
23-Aug-53 REAL Douglas C-47 (DC-3) PP-YQK near Campo Grande... 0 crashed
20-Aug-53 Comp. Itaú de Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-ITD Corumbá Inte... 3 crashed
05-Jul-53 Adhemar de Barros Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina PT-AXX near Picinguaba C... 0 crashed
17-Jun-53 Panair do Brasil Lockheed L-049 Constellation PP-PDA near São Paulo-Co... 17 crashed
27-Mar-53 T.A. Salvador de Havilland DH-114 Heron 1B PP-SLG Itapebi, BA 0 crashed
15-Mar-53 T.A. Catarinense Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-AJA near Salvador-Doi... 0 crashed
14-Oct-52 Aerovias Brasil Douglas C-47 (DC-3) PP-AXJ San Francisc... 14 crashed
15-Aug-52 VASD Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-SDD near Guaíra Airpo... 0 crashed
12-Aug-52 T.A. Nacionales Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-ANH Palmeira de ... 24 crashed
24-May-52 Loide Aéreo Nacional Curtiss C-46A PP-LDE near Manaus, AM 6 crashed
13-May-52 VASP Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-SPM São Paulo, SP 5 crashed
29-Apr-52 Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser N1039V near Carolina, MA 50 crashed
28-Feb-52 Panair do Brasil Douglas DC-3A-393 PP-PCN near Uberlândia A... 9 crashed
21-Feb-52 Varig Curtiss C-46A PP-VCB Guanabara Ba... 0 crashed
17-Sep-51 REAL Douglas C-47 (DC-3) PP-YPX Ubatuba, SP 10 crashed
08-Sep-51 VASP Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-SPQ near São Paulo-Co... 10+ 3 crashed
08-Aug-51 Pan Am, lsf USAF Curtiss C-46F N74176 São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
12-Jul-51 L.A. Paulistas, op.for Loide Aéreo Nacional Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-LPG near Aracaju Airp... 33 crashed
06-Jun-51 L.A. Transcontinental Brasileira Douglas DC-3D PP-NAL Gramacho, Ri... 2 crashed
02-Jun-51 Aero Geral PBV-1A Canso A (PBY-5A) PP-AGC Palame, BA 2 crashed
18-May-51 VASP Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-SPL near Rancharia, SP 7 crashed
15-May-51 L.A. Paulistas Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-LPC Maceio, AL 0 crashed
15-Apr-51 Loide Aéreo Nacional Curtiss C-46A PP-LDC Guanabara Ba... 0 crashed
22-Mar-51 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3) PP-CCX near Florianopoli... 3 crashed
21-Feb-51 Comp. Itaú de Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-ITF Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
17-Dec-50 Loide Aéreo Nacional Curtiss C-46A PP-LDD Campina Gran... 0 crashed
14-Dec-50 VASP Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-SPW Ribeirão Pre... 1 crashed
13-Dec-50 VASP Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-SPT Londrina, PR 0+ 3 crashed
04-Nov-50 Central Aérea Douglas DC-3 (R4D-1) PP-IBC Vitoria Da C... 0 crashed
08-Sep-50 T.A. Bandeirantes Curtiss C-46A PP-LDB Guanabara Ba... 0 crashed
30-Jul-50 SAVAG - Viação Aérea Gaucha Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-SAA near São Francisc... 12 crashed
28-Jul-50 Panair do Brasil Lockheed L-049 Constellation PP-PCG near Porto Alegre... 51 crashed
30-May-50 Aerovias Brasil Douglas C-47 (DC-3) PP-AVZ near Ilhéus, BA 13 crashed
26-May-50 VASP Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-SRV São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
05-Jan-50 Comp. Itaú de Transportes Aéreos Curtiss C-46A PP-XBW Itaquaquecet... 0 crashed
19-Dec-49 Aerovias Brasil Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-AXG near Vitoria, ES 6 crashed
01-Dec-49 REAL Douglas C-47 (DC-3) PP-YPM Ribeirão Cla... 20 crashed
30-Sep-49 T.A. Bandeirantes Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina PP-BLB Iguape, SP 3 crashed
03-Aug-49 L.A. Brasileiras Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-AJB near Joinville, SC 0 crashed
02-Aug-49 Varig Curtiss C-46D PP-VBI Jaquirana, RS 5 crashed
20-Apr-49 TCA Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-ASB Porto Nacion... 0 crashed
29-Mar-49 Aerovias Brasil Douglas DC-2-243 PP-MGA Belo Horizon... 0 crashed
11-Jan-49 SAVAG - Viação Aérea Gaucha Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-SAC near Pelotas-Fede... 8 crashed
05-Jan-49 BSAA Avro 685 York I G-AHEX Caravelas Ba... 3 crashed
24-Nov-48 TCA Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-ASA Fazenda Boa ... 0 crashed
07-Oct-48 L.A. Paulistas Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-LPB Campina Gran... 0 crashed
14-Jul-48 Aerovias Brasil Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-AVO Belém, PA 5 crashed
13-Mar-48 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas DC-3A PP-CBX Juqueri Rang... 6 crashed
12-Aug-47 FAMA Douglas C-54A (DC-4) LV-ABL Cachoeiro de... 0 crashed
10-Jun-47 FAMA Avro 691 Lancastrian C.4 LV-ACS Natal Airpor... 6 crashed
22-May-47 Aerovias Brasil Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-AVM Rio de Janei...   crashed
08-Mar-47 Cruzeiro do Sul Focke-Wulf Fw 200A-0 PP-CBI Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
05-Feb-47 Aerovias Brasil Douglas DC-2-112 PP-AVG Lagoa Santa, GO   crashed
04-Jan-47 Panair do Brasil Sikorsky S-43B PP-PBN São Paulo de... 11 crashed
23-Dec-46 FAMA Avro 685 York I LV-XIG near Rio de Janei... 21 crashed
22-Oct-46 Panair do Brasil Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-PBQ Catanduva, SP 0 crashed
27-Sep-46 Panair do Brasil Douglas DC-3A-228D PP-PCH near Rio de Janei... 25 crashed
28-Apr-46 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-CCD near Barcelos, AM 0 crashed
21-Apr-46 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas C-47B (DC-3) PP-CCA Corumbá, MS   unknown
05-Feb-46 Cruzeiro do Sul Douglas DC-3A-414A PP-CBS Ilhéus Airpo... 0 crashed
03-Jun-45 Aerovias Brasil, lsf TACA Douglas DC-3A YS-22 near Ipiabas, RJ 0 crashed
15-Feb-45 NAB Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-NAE near Lagoa Santa, GO 15 crashed
11-Oct-44 NAB Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-NAF near Pirapora Air... 10 crashed
21-Sep-44 Panair do Brasil Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-PBH Rio Doce, MG 16 crashed
30-Aug-44 Panair do Brasil Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-PBI near São Paulo-Co... 16 crashed
24-Aug-44 Panair do Brasil Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-PBJ     crashed
27-Aug-43 VASP Junkers Ju-52/3mg3e PP-SPD near Rio de Janei... 18 crashed
27-Jul-43 Pan Am Sikorsky S-42B NC16736 Manaus, AM 0 crashed
13-Feb-43 Aerovias Brasil Lockheed 14-H Super Electra PP-AVA near Bom Jesus da... 1 crashed
28-Sep-42 Panair do Brasil Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-PBG Pedra Branca... 15 crashed
17-Mar-42 Panair do Brasil Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-PBE São Paulo-Co...   crashed
28-Feb-42 Varig Junkers Ju-52/3mge PP-VAL near Porto Alegre... 6 crashed
18-Aug-41 Panair do Brasil Lockheed 18 Lodestar PP-PBD near São Paulo, SP 8 crashed
26-Jun-41 Panagra Sikorsky S-43 NC16928 Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
15-Jan-41 LATI Savoia-Marchetti SM-75C I-BAYR near Fernando de ... 10 crashed
08-Nov-40 VASP Junkers Ju-52/3mg3e PP-SPF Botafogo, Ri... 18 crashed
13-Aug-39 Pan Am Sikorsky S-43B NC16933 near Rio de Janei... 14 crashed
13-Jan-39 Syndicato Condor Junkers Ju-52/3mge PP-CAY Rio Bonito, RJ 10 crashed
12-Oct-38 Syndicato Condor Junkers G.24 PP-CAB Coruripe, AL   crashed
15-Aug-38 Syndicato Condor Junkers Ju-52/3mfe PP-CAT Guanabara Bay 9 crashed
22-May-38 Syndicato Condor Junkers Ju-52/3mge PP-CBC Santos Airpo... 6 crashed
07-Nov-30 Syndicato Condor Junkers G.24 P-BAHA near Iguape, SP 1 crashed

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