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Airlines in EritreaFlag of Eritrea

This page provides links to all currently operating international, regional, domestic, passenger and cargo airlines registered in Eritrea.Click on Airline Name for contact, fleet, route and accident data.

Airlines in eritrea
Airline Main Base
IATA code
ICAO code
IATA Prefix
Start of ops.
Eritrean Airlines Asmara (ASM)
Massawa Airways Massawa (MSW)
Nasair Asmara (ASM)

Airlines defunct since 2000 in Eritrea
Airline Fate
IATA code
ICAO code
Start of ops.
End of ops.
Red Sea Air Formed in 11/98 as the flag carrier of Eritrea

Airline hull loss accidents in Eritrea
Airline Aircraft type Reg. Location Fatal
11-May-03 Pecotox Air Antonov 12B ER-AXD Asmara Inter... 0 crashed
01-Aug-01 Yemenia Airways Boeing 727-2N8 7O-ACW Asmara Inter... 0 crashed
17-Jul-98 Ukrainian Cargo Airways, op.for Air Sofia Ilyushin 78 UR-UCI near Asmara-Yohan... 10 crashed
05-Jun-98 Aero Zambia Boeing 727-25F 5Y-BMW Asmara Inter... 0 destroyed
25-Mar-91 Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 707-385C ET-AJZ Asmara Inter... 0 destroyed
19-Feb-79 Ethiopian Airlines Douglas C-47B (DC-3) ET-AFW near Asmara 5 destroyed
28-Jan-79 Ethiopian Airlines Douglas C-47B (DC-3) ET-AGP near Haikota 3 crashed
13-Oct-76 Ethiopian Airlines Douglas DC-6B ET-AAZ Asmara Inter... 0 crashed
31-May-76 Ethiopian Airlines Douglas C-47B (DC-3) ET-ADC Massawa Airp...   crashed
23-Apr-76 Ethiopian Airlines Douglas C-47A (DC-3) ET-AAS Massawa Airp...   unknown
12-Mar-70 Ethiopian Airlines Douglas DC-6B ET-AAY Asmara Inter... 0 crashed
26-Jan-49 USAF, op.for Pan Am Curtiss C-46F NC1241N Asmara Inter... 0 crashed
11-Jun-46 Ministère de l'Air, DTI Lockheed 18 Lodestar F-BAML Asmara Inter...   crashed
15-Feb-43 BOAC de Havilland DH.95 Flamingo G-AFYE Asmara 2 crashed

Map of Eritrea