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Airlines in LibyaFlag of Libya

This page provides links to all currently operating international, regional, domestic, passenger and cargo airlines registered in Libya.Click on Airline Name for contact, fleet, route and accident data.

Airlines in Libya
Airline Main Base
IATA code
ICAO code
IATA Prefix
Start of ops.
Afriqiyah Airways Tripoli (TIP)
Air Libya Tripoli (TIP)
Buraq Air Tripoli (TIP)
Free Falcon Air  
Ghadames Air Transport Tripoli (TIP)
Global Air Tripoli (TIP)
Kallat Elsaker Air Tripoli (TIP)
Libyan Airlines Tripoli (TIP)
Libyan Arab Air Cargo Tripoli (TIP)
Libyan Wings Tripoli (TIP)
Petro Air Tripoli (TIP)

Recently defunct airlines in
Airline Fate
IATA code
ICAO code
Start of ops.
End of ops.

Airline hull loss accidents in Libya
Airline Aircraft type Reg. Location Fatal
09-May-15 Air Libya BAe-146-300 5A-DKQ Dahra Oilfield 0 destroyed
30-Jan-15 Libyan Air Cargo Ilyushin 76T 5A-DNK Tripoli-Miti... 0 destroyed
27-Jul-14 Libyan Air Cargo Ilyushin 76M 5A-DZZ Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
27-Jul-14 Libyan Airlines Airbus A320-214 5A-LAI Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
20-Jul-14 Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-202 5A-ONF Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
20-Jul-14 Libyan Airlines Bombardier CRJ-900ER 5A-LAL Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
16-Jul-14 Libyan Air Cargo Ilyushin 76T 5A-DNG Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
15-Jul-14 Libyan Airlines Airbus A330-202 5A-LAS Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
14-Jul-14 Medavia DHC-8-315Q Dash 8 9H-AEY Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
03-Jul-13 Petra Airlines Airbus A320-212 JY-PTA Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
25-Aug-11 Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A320-214 5A-ONK Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
25-Aug-11 Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A300B4-620 5A-IAY Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
25-Aug-11 Libyan Arab Airlines Airbus A300B4-622R 5A-DLZ Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
17-Mar-11 Air Libya Boeing 737-2D6 5A-DKY Benghazi-Ben... 0 destroyed
17-Mar-11 Air Libya Yakovlev 40KD 5A-DKM Benghazi-Ben... 0 destroyed
17-Mar-11 Air Libya Yakovlev 40 5A-DKG Benghazi-Ben... 0 destroyed
12-May-10 Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-202 5A-ONG near Tripoli Inte... 103 crashed
31-Oct-07 Libyan Air Cargo Antonov 26 5A-DOZ near Tripoli-Miti... 0 crashed
13-Jan-00 Avisto, op.for Sirte Oil Company Shorts 360-300 HB-AAM near Marsa el-Brega 22 crashed
19-Mar-94 Light Air Transport DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 5A-DJK Tripoli Inte... 1 crashed
22-Dec-92 Libyan Arab Airlines Boeing 727-2L5 5A-DIA near Tripoli Inte... 157 crashed
07-Apr-92 Air Bissau Antonov 24RV J5-GBE near Sarra 3 crashed
07-Dec-91 Libyan Arab Airlines Boeing 707-351C 5A-DJT Tripoli Inte... 0 crashed
21-Nov-90 Libyan Red Crescent Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 5A-DBN Al Abraq Air... 0 crashed
27-Jul-89 Korean Air DC-10-30 HL7328 Tripoli 75+ 4 crashed
06-Jun-89 Libyan Arab Airlines Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 5A-DDV near Zella 0 crashed
30-Nov-88 Aero Club Libya DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 5A-DDD Hamada al Hamra 14 crashed
15-Apr-86 Jamahiriya Air Transport Ilyushin 76TD 5A-DNL Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
15-Apr-86 Jamahiriya Air Transport Ilyushin 76TD 5A-DNF Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
15-Apr-86 Libyan Arab Airlines Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 5A-DLP Benghazi-Ben... 0 destroyed
13-Jun-85 Benin Government Boeing 707-336B TY-BBR Sebha Airpor... 0 crashed
14-Mar-83 Jamahiriya Air Transport Boeing 707-338C 5A-DJO near Sebha 5 crashed
16-Jan-83 Libyan Government Lockheed L-1329-25 JetStar II 5A-DAR near Tripoli 2 crashed
28-Nov-81 Libyan Arab Airlines Fokker F-27 Friendship 400 5A-DBE near Kufra 0 crashed
25-Mar-80 Air Traffic Executive Jet Learjet 36 D-CDFA near Sebha Airpor... 0 crashed
02-Dec-77 Balkan Bulgarian, op.for Libyan Arab Airlines Tupolev 154A LZ-BTN near Benghazi 59 crashed
23-Jul-73 JAL Boeing 747-246B JA8109 Benghazi-Ben... 0 destroyed
02-Jan-71 UAA de Havilland DH-106 Comet 4C SU-ALC near Tripoli Inte... 16 crashed
01-Jun-70 CSA Tupolev 104A OK-NDD near Tripoli Inte... 13 crashed
28-Mar-69 BIAS, op.for Linair Douglas C-47A (DC-3) OO-SBH near Jakharrad 0 crashed
09-Aug-58 Central African Airways Vickers 748D Viscount VP-YNE near Benghazi-Ben... 36 crashed
26-Feb-58 Eagle Aviation Vickers 657 Viking 1 G-AGRT El Adem RAF ...   destroyed
07-Dec-57 Scottish Airlines Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 1 G-AOEO Fezzan 6 crashed
22-Apr-56 BOAC Avro 685 York C.1 G-AGNS Idris   destroyed
21-Sep-55 BOAC Canadair C-4 Argonaut G-ALHL Tripoli-Idri... 15 crashed
07-Nov-49 BOAC Avro 691 Lancastrian C.1 G-AGMM Tripoli-Cast...   unknown
04-Feb-49 Skyways Douglas C-54A (DC-4) G-AJPL near Tripoli-Cast... 1 crashed
01-Feb-49 BOAC Avro 685 York I G-AGJD Tripoli-Cast... 0 crashed
23-Jan-46 BOAC Douglas C-47A (DC-3) G-AGIY El Adem   crashed
30-Sep-45 Ministère de l'Air, DTI Lockheed C-60-LO Lodestar FC-AXM Tripoli   crashed
08-Apr-45 BOAC Douglas C-47B (DC-3) G-AGKM El Adem   unknown
05-Nov-43 BOAC Short S.25 Sunderland 3 G-AGIB near Sollum 19 crashed
22-Dec-41 BOAC Lockheed 18 Lodestar G-AGCZ near Tobruk (Tubruq)   crashed
24-Sep-36 Ala Littoria CANT Z.506 I-RODI near Benghazi 9 crashed

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