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Airlines in Papua New Guinea Flag of Papua New Guinea

This page provides links to all currently operating international, regional, domestic, passenger and cargo airlines registered in Papua New Guinea. Click on Airline Name for contact, fleet, route and accident data.

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Air Niugini Port Moresby (POM)
Airlines PNG Port Moresby (POM)
Asia Pacific Airlines Tabubil (TBG)

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Airline hull loss accidents in Papua New Guinea
Airline Aircraft type Reg. Location Fatal
13-Apr-16 Sunbird Aviation PADC/BN-2T Islander P2-SBC near Kiunga Airpo... 12 crashed
20-Sep-14 Hevilift DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 P2-KSF near Port Moresby... 4 crashed
25-Nov-13 Tropicair Cessna 208B Grand Caravan P2-SAH Kibeni 3 crashed
19-Oct-13 Air Niugini ATR 42-320F P2-PXY Madang Airpo... 0 crashed
13-Oct-11 Airlines PNG DHC-8-102 P2-MCJ near Madang Airpo... 28 crashed
31-Aug-10 Trans Air Cessna 550 Citation II P2-TAA Misima Islan... 4 crashed
11-Aug-09 Airlines PNG DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 P2-MCB near Kokoda Airpo... 13 crashed
30-Mar-07 Airlink Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante P2-ALU near Kandrian 2 crashed
22-Feb-05 MAF PNG DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 P2-MFQ near Wobegon 2 crashed
29-Jul-04 Airlines PNG DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 P2-MBA near Ononge 2 crashed
13-Dec-02 Island Airways BN-2A-26 Islander P2-CBB near TepTep 8 crashed
29-Apr-00 North Coast Aviation BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISA Bapi Airport... 4 crashed
17-Jun-99 Airlink Embraer EMB-110P2 Bandeirante P2-ALX near Goroka 17 crashed
03-Feb-99 Airlink BN-2A-26 Islander P2-ALH near Kimbe 11 crashed
16-Nov-97 Air Niugini Fokker F-28 Fellowship 1000 P2-ANH Lae-Nadzab A... 0 crashed
18-Jul-97 Goroka Air Services DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 P2-MMU near Goroka Airpo... 2 crashed
09-Jul-96 Milne Bay Air DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 P2-MBB near Mendi Airpor... 20 crashed
11-May-96 Milne Bay Air BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISD near Umba 1 crashed
22-Dec-95 Islands Nationair BN-2A-21 Islander P2-NAM Begesin Airs... 2 crashed
29-Jul-95 Provincial Air Transport BN-2A Islander P2-MBM Fane Airport... 0 crashed
25-Jul-95 Transniugini BN-2A-20 Islander P2-TNT near Karimui Airp... 2 crashed
12-Jul-95 Milne Bay Air DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 P2-MBI near Alotau-Gurne... 15 crashed
01-Jul-95 Vanimo Trading C-7A Caribou P2-VTC near Kiunga 2 crashed
31-May-95 Air Niugini Fokker F-28 Fellowship 1000 P2-ANB Madang Airpo... 0 crashed
12-Apr-95 Islands Nationair Beech 200 Super King Air P2-IAH Lae-Nadzab A... 0 crashed
03-Jan-95 Islands Nationair DHC-6 Twin Otter 310 P2-IAA Bili 0 crashed
17-Dec-94 MAF PNG DHC-6 Twin Otter 200 P2-MFS near Olsobip 28 crashed
22-Nov-94 Southwest Air BN-2A-20 Islander P2-SWC near Tabubil 7 crashed
19-Sep-94 Airlink BN-2A-26 Islander P2-ALF Rabaul-Lakun... 0 destroyed
23-Dec-93 Rimbunan Hijau BN-2A-26 Islander P2-ISR Mount Hagen 0 crashed
10-Dec-93 Airlink BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ALL Namatanai 0 crashed
13-Oct-93 Heli Niugini BN-2A-20 Islander P2-HBE Jimi Valley 4 crashed
09-Jun-93 Southwest Air BN-2A-20 Islander P2-SWA Gulgubip Air... 9 crashed
03-Jun-93 North Coast Aviation BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISC Kiriwina Island   crashed
23-Jan-93 Island Airways BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISF Bambu Airpor... 0 crashed
15-Dec-92 Milne Bay Air BN-2A-26 Islander P2-MBE Alotau 6 crashed
14-Apr-92 Talair Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante P2-RDS Goroka Gap 11 crashed
05-Jul-90 Douglas Airways BN-2B-21 Islander P2-DNJ near Port Moresby 8 crashed
24-Jan-90 Bougair BN-2A-6 Islander VH-BAY Wakunai Airp... 0 destroyed
21-Jul-89 Talair DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 P2-RDW Porgera Airp... 3 crashed
18-Jul-89 Talair BN-2A Islander P2-ISJ     unknown
15-Jun-89 Curtain Brothers PNG DHC-6 Twin Otter 200 P2-OTR near Dahomo 1 crashed
21-Mar-89 Bougair BN-2B-26 Islander P2-BAB Bougainville   destroyed
08-Dec-87 Talair BN-2A-2 Islander P2-MIB near Kanabea 1 crashed
20-Jun-87 Kiunga Aviation BN-2A-20 Islander P2-KAD near Lae 2 crashed
06-Feb-87 Talair Embraer EMB-110P2 Bandeirante P2-RDM near eastern coast 14 crashed
30-Aug-85 Douglas Airways BN-2A Islander P2-DNW near Kokoda Airpo... 3 crashed
25-Aug-85 Douglas Airways BN-2 Islander P2-DNI     unknown
06-Sep-84 Talair BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISG Mount Musaka 9 crashed
14-Jan-84 Talair BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISH near Karimui 10 crashed
12-Jul-83 Cloudlands Aviation Dev. BN-2A Islander P2-FHP near Mount Hagen   crashed
04-Nov-82 Talair Embraer EMB-110P2 Bandeirante P2-RDL Port Moresby... 0 crashed
10-Mar-82 Heron Air Charter BN-2A-20 Islander P2-HAC     unknown
17-Nov-80 Provincial Air Services BN-2A Trislander Mk.III VH-BSG Annanberg-No... 4 crashed
23-Dec-79 Douglas Airways GAF Nomad N.22B P2-DNL Manari Airpo... 16 crashed
28-Feb-78 Talair DHC-6 Twin Otter 100 P2-RDE Garaina 1 crashed
21-May-77 Douglas Airways GAF Nomad N.22B P2-DNJ Wewak-Boram ...   crashed
14-Aug-75 Aerial Tours BN-2A Islander P2-ATX Naoro Airpor...   crashed
30-Oct-72 Ansett Airlines of PNG Douglas DC-3C VH-PNA Madang Airpo... 0 crashed
01-Sep-72 Ansett Airlines of PNG Shorts SC.7 Skyvan 3-300 VH-PNI Mount Giluwe 4 crashed
17-Jul-72 Ansett Airlines of PNG Douglas C-47A (DC-3) VH-MAE Wapenamanda ... 0 crashed
11-Apr-72 Ansett Airlines of PNG, op.for TAA Douglas C-47B (DC-3) VH-PNB Madang Airpo... 0 crashed
28-Apr-70 TAA DHC-6 Twin Otter 100 VH-TGR near Kainantu 8 crashed
20-Nov-69 Aerial Tours BN-2 Islander VH-ATK Bolovip Airp...   crashed
26-Apr-62 TAA Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina VH-WWC near Daru 0 crashed
02-Dec-61 TAA DHC-3 Otter VH-SBS near Mount Hagen 2 crashed
08-Apr-61 Papuan Airlines Douglas C-47B (DC-3) VH-PAT Bereina Airp... 0 crashed
17-Oct-59 Gibbes Sepik Airways Junkers Ju-52/3m VH-BUU Baiyer River... 0 crashed
08-Jun-58 Adastra Airways Lockheed 414-56 Hudson IIIA VH-AGG Huon Gulf 3 crashed
30-Aug-57 Kroonduif Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 1 JZ-PPX near Japen Island 2 crashed
16-Jun-57 World Wide Air Services Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina VH-WWB Kikori River 0 crashed
25-Mar-50 Fawcett Aviation Service, op.for Mandated Airines Ltd. - MAL Lockheed 414-08 Hudson IVA VH-BDN Lae Airfield 1+ 2 crashed
16-Mar-49 Guinea Air Traders Douglas DC-2-243 VH-ARC Kerowagi 0 crashed
18-Apr-48 Guinea Air Traders Lockheed 414-56 Hudson IIIA VH-ALA near Lae Airfield 37 crashed
23-Nov-47 Bristol Bristol 170 Freighter IA G-AIMC Wau Airport ... 0 crashed
26-Nov-43 Qantas Lockheed C-56B-LO Lodestar VH-CAB near Port Moresby 15 crashed
22-Apr-43 Qantas Short S.23 Empire Flying Boat Mk I VH-ADU near Port Moresby 2 crashed
11-Dec-42 ADAT Douglas DC-3-391 VHCDI Popondetta   crashed
30-Nov-42 Australian CAA, op.for ANA Lockheed 18 Lodestar VHCAH Buna   crashed
21-Jan-42 Bulolo Gold Dredging Co Junkers G.31go VH-UOU Bulolo Airpo... 0 destroyed
21-Jan-42 Bulolo Gold Dredging Co Junkers G.31go VH-UOV Bulolo Airpo... 0 destroyed
21-Jan-42 Guinea Airways Junkers G.31ba VH-URQ Bulolo Airpo... 0 destroyed
21-Jan-42 Guinea Airways Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor VH-USX Salamaua Air... 0 destroyed
21-Jan-42 Mandated Airines Ltd. - MAL Avro 642 Eighteen VH-UXD Salamaua 0 destroyed
23-Oct-41 Guinea Airways Ford 5-AT-C Tri-Motor VH-UTB Little Wau C... 0 crashed
06-Feb-41 Stephens Aviation de Havilland DH.66 Hercules VH-UJO Marble Creek 1 crashed
31-May-30 Ellyou Goldfields Development Handley Page W.9a Hampstead VH-ULK Mount Misim   crashed

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