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Airlines in Peru Flag of Peru

This page provides links to all currently operating international, regional, domestic, passenger and cargo airlines registered in Peru. Click on Airline Name for contact, fleet, route and accident data.

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Airlines in Peru
Airline Main Base
IATA code
ICAO code
IATA Prefix
Start of ops.
Aero Transporte SA - ATSA Lima (LIM)
Air Peru International Lima (LIM)
Cielos Airlines Lima (LIM)
LATAM Airlines Peru Lima (LIM)
LC Peru Lima (LIM)
Peruvian Airlines Lima(LIM)
Star Peru Lima (LIM)
TACA Peru  
Viva Peru  

Airlines defunct since 2000 in
Airline Fate
IATA code
ICAO code
Start of ops.
End of ops.

Airline hull loss accidents in Peru
Airline Aircraft type Reg. Location Fatal
28-Mar-17 Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737-3M8 OB-2036-P Jauja-Franci... 0 crashed
06-Mar-13 ATSA Beech B200 King Air OB-1992-P near Pias Airport 9 crashed
17-Dec-12 Amazon Sky Antonov 26-100 OB-1887-P near Tomas, Yauyo... 4 crashed
13-Nov-10 LC Busre Swearingen SA227-AC Metro III N781C Andahuaylas ... 0 crashed
23-Aug-05 TANS Boeing 737-244 OB-1809-P near Pucallpa-Cap... 40 crashed
18-Apr-05 Aero Condor Beech B200 Catpass 250 OB-1700 near Lima-Jorge C... 0 crashed
13-Dec-03 Aero Continente Boeing 737-2A9 OB-1544-P Lima-J Chave... 0 crashed
09-Jan-03 TANS Fokker F-28 Fellowship 1000 OB-1396 near Chachapoyas 46 crashed
28-Nov-00 Aero Condor Swearingen SA227-AC Metro III N3107P Trujillo Air... 0 crashed
01-Apr-97 Americana de Aviación Boeing 737-293 OB-1572 Pucallpa Air... 0 crashed
09-Mar-96 Carson Helicopters DHC-6 Twin Otter 200 N245GW near Bagua 3 crashed
29-Feb-96 Faucett Boeing 737-222 OB-1451 near Arequipa-Rod... 123 crashed
06-Jan-96 Imperial Air Antonov 32B OB-1604 Chachapoyas ... 0 crashed
15-Apr-95 Imperial Air Tupolev 134A-3 OB-1553 Lima-J Chave... 0 crashed
04-Apr-95 TANS Harbin Yunshuji Y-12 II 333/OB-1498 near Iquitos Airp... 3 crashed
05-Nov-94 Servicios Aéreos Amazonicos Yakovlev 40 OB-1569 Saposoa Airp... 6 crashed
25-Feb-94 Expresso Aéreo Yakovlev 40 OB-1559 near Tingo Maria 31 crashed
14-Sep-93 SASA Convair CV-440 CP-2256 near Colquemarca 0 crashed
14-May-93 TANS Harbin Yunshuji Y-12 II 334/OB-1499 Atalaya 0 crashed
21-Oct-92 TANS DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 OB-1155 near Lake Caballo... 8 crashed
10-Sep-92 Expresso Aéreo Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 OB-1443 Bellavista A... 1 crashed
27-Aug-92 TANS DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 OB-1153 near San Antonio ... 8 crashed
28-Mar-92 Export Air Douglas DC-8-33AF OB-1456 Iquitos Airp... 0 crashed
22-Feb-92 Trans Amazon Antonov 24RV OB-1439 Arequipa-Rod... 0 crashed
09-Jul-91 Aerochasqui CASA C-212 Aviocar 200 OB-1218 near Bellavista A... 15 destroyed
14-Feb-91 Aero Manu Antonov 2P OB-1350 near Iquitos 0 crashed
04-Nov-90 Aero Bellavista BN-2B-21 Islander OB-T-1207 La Escalera 0 crashed
20-Sep-90 Aero Manu Antonov 2R OB-1349 Saylla Chico 0 crashed
26-Jul-90 Aero Manu Antonov 2   Iberia 0 crashed
10-Aug-89 APISA Air Carga Douglas DC-8-33F OB-1316 Iquitos Airp... 0 crashed
15-May-89 Aero Condor BN-2 Islander OB-1272 near Puerto Maldo...   crashed
03-Apr-89 Faucett Boeing 737-248 OB-R-1314 Iquitos Airp... 0 crashed
10-Mar-89 Aero Condor BN-2A Islander OB-T-1271 Lima 10 crashed
25-Oct-88 AeroPeru Fokker F-28 Fellowship 1000 OB-R-1020 near Juliaca Airp... 12 crashed
12-Sep-80 Aeronaves del Peru Douglas DC-8-33F N715UA near Iquitos 3 crashed
27-Jul-80 Lambda Air Cargo Douglas DC-7CF CP-1291 Trujillo Air...   unknown
19-Feb-78 SATCO Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules OB-R-1004 Tarapoto Air... 7 crashed
30-Dec-76 Faucett Douglas C-54A (DC-4) OB-R-247 near Trujillo Air... 24 crashed
28-Aug-76 Aeronaves del Peru Canadair CC-106 Yukon (CL-44) OB-R-1104 near Shanisu River 6 crashed
21-Dec-73 TAM Convair CV-440-62 TAM-47 Talara 6 crashed
14-Jul-73 Faucett Douglas DC-6B OB-R-920 near Tambillo   crashed
20-Apr-72 SATCO Douglas C-47D (DC-3) OB-R-653 near Moyobamba 6 crashed
24-Dec-71 LANSA Lockheed L-188A Electra OB-R-941 Puerto Inca 91 crashed
19-Dec-71 Aero Palas Douglas C-54A (DC-4) LV-JPG Cerro Huayca 6 crashed
09-Aug-70 LANSA Lockheed L-188A Electra OB-R-939 near Cuzco Airpor... 99+ 2 crashed
10-Jun-70 LADE Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M TC-75 near Huaricanga 5 crashed
31-Jan-70 Transportes Aéreos Litoral Curtiss C-46F CP-825 Cerro Vizcac... 4 crashed
14-Jan-70 Faucett Douglas RC-54V (DC-4) OB-R-776 Pozo Chuño M... 28 crashed
16-Jul-69 Pacific Western Lockheed L-100 Hercules CF-PWO near Cayaya 0 crashed
16-Mar-68 Sadia Douglas C-47A (DC-3) PP-AST near Tacna 4 crashed
08-Dec-67 Faucett Douglas C-54A (DC-4) OB-R-148 Cordillera C... 72 crashed
02-Apr-67 Trans Caribbean Enterprises Lockheed 18 Lodestar N706G near Lima 5 crashed
30-Nov-66 SATCO Douglas C-47B (DC-3) OB-R-568 Chachapoyas ...   crashed
27-Apr-66 LANSA Lockheed L-749A Constellation OB-R-771 Mount Talaula 49 crashed
06-Mar-66 LAPA Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation N6901C near Callao 0 crashed
23-Feb-66 Trans-Peruana Curtiss C-46D OB-R-606 near Rioja 3 crashed
18-Mar-65 SATCO Curtiss C-46F OB-R-577 Cerro Saguan... 9 crashed
24-Dec-64 SATCO Douglas C-47B (DC-3) OB-R-654 Yurimaguas A... 1 crashed
14-Mar-64 Faucett Douglas C-47B (DC-3) OB-PAX-224 Rioja 0 crashed
15-Mar-63 LAB Douglas DC-6B CP-707 near Tacora Volcano 39 crashed
27-Nov-62 Varig Boeing 707-441 PP-VJB near Lima-Callao ... 97 crashed
24-Aug-62 Faucett Douglas C-47B (DC-3) OB-PBN-659 Cerro Puena Paz 7 crashed
04-Feb-62 Faucett Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3) OB-PBH-530 near Tingo Maria 18 crashed
20-Mar-60 Faucett Douglas C-47B (DC-3) OB-PAM-146 near Chimbote 4 crashed
23-Jun-59 Avianca Douglas DC-4 HK-135 Cerro Baco 14 crashed
21-May-59 L.A. Interpolar Curtiss C-46A CC-CIA-497 Moro 8 crashed
13-May-59 TAPSA Curtiss C-46A OB-WBP-507 near Tournavista 12 crashed
08-May-59 TAPSA Curtiss C-46 Super C OB-QAM near Cuzco-Velazc... 0 crashed
04-Jan-59 TAPSA Curtiss C-46A OB-QAL-487 Moyobamba Ai... 0 crashed
08-Jan-58 TAM Peru Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 484 near Rioja 11 crashed
02-Oct-55 Faucett Douglas C-54A (DC-4) OB-PAZ-228 near Viñac 21 crashed
16-Jun-55 TAPSA Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra OB-QAG-338 Tarapoto Air... 3 crashed
16-Nov-54 TAM Peru Douglas DC-3 FAP403 near Jirishanga 24 crashed
18-Jan-51 TAM Peru Douglas DC-3     15 crashed
23-Nov-50 Faucett Douglas C-47B (DC-3) OB-PAU-201 Cuzco 9 crashed
24-Feb-49 TAM Peru Douglas DC-3   Cuzco Airpor... 22 crashed
10-Feb-49 Faucett Douglas C-47B (DC-3) OB-PAV-223 near Huánuco 16 crashed
17-Jan-49 ANDES Curtiss C-46A OB-OAD-233 Rio Yavari 0 crashed
15-Dec-48 Faucett Douglas C-47B (DC-3) OB-PAY-226 Playa Viru 0 crashed
04-Jan-45 Panagra Douglas DC-3A NC19470 near Chorrillos 4 crashed
22-Jan-43 Panagra Douglas DC-3A-399 NC33645 near Chaparra 14 crashed
26-Jun-38 Deutsche Lufthansa Sucursal Perú Junkers Ju-52/3mge OA-HHB Cerro Chilligua 7 crashed
24-Dec-35 Panagra Ford 5-AT-D Tri-Motor NC433H Lima 2+ 2 crashed
22-Mar-34 Panagra Ford 5-AT-C Tri-Motor NC407H Lima Airport... 3 crashed

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