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Airlines in Poland Flag of Poland

This page provides links to all currently operating international, regional, domestic, passenger and cargo airlines registered in Poland. Click on Airline Name for contact, fleet, route and accident data.

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Airlines in Poland
Airline Main Base
IATA code
ICAO code
IATA Prefix
Start of ops.
4You Airlines ACMI
Bingo Airways Warsaw (WAW)
Enter Air Warsaw (WAW)
EuroLOT Warsaw (WAW)
Exin Aviation ops Katowice (KTW)
JetAir Bydgoszcz (BZG)
LOT Charters Warsaw (WAW)
LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw (WAW)
Skytaxi Wroclaw (WRO)
SprintAir Warsaw (WAW)
White Eagle Aviation Warsaw (WAW)

Airlines defunct since 2000 in
Airline Fate
IATA code
ICAO code
Start of ops.
End of ops.

Airline hull loss accidents in Poland
Airline Aircraft type Reg. Location Fatal
01-Nov-11 LOT Boeing 767-35DER SP-LPC Warszawa-Fré... 0 crashed
14-Jul-11 Eurolot ATR 72-202 SP-LFH Warszawa-Fré... 0 destroyed
24-May-06 Aerogryf Aviation Antonov 2R SP-FLY near Krepsko 0 crashed
29-Nov-99 Enimex Antonov 28 ES-NOF near Szczecin 0 crashed
09-Feb-95 Aviapaslauga Antonov 2R LY-ALE Grajewo   crashed
19-Dec-93 Air Lithuania Antonov 2R LY-ADO Suwalki   crashed
14-Sep-93 Lufthansa Airbus A320-211 D-AIPN Warszawa-Oke... 2 crashed
07-Apr-93 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WZD near Lublin   crashed
17-Dec-91 Alitalia DC-9-32 I-RIBN Warszawa-Oke... 0 crashed
27-Nov-89 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WWO Borów   crashed
17-Nov-88 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WKZ Michalków   crashed
02-Nov-88 LOT Antonov 24B SP-LTD near Rzeszów 1 crashed
19-May-88 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WNE Krzemlin   crashed
09-May-87 LOT Ilyushin 62M SP-LBG near Warszawa-Oke... 183 crashed
29-Jul-86 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WZH Krasiny   crashed
17-May-85 Polskie Towarzystwo Geo. Antonov 2T SP-DNR Sulczewka   crashed
16-Sep-84 APRL Antonov 2T SP-AMK Opole 11 crashed
05-Oct-83 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WWK Karolewo   crashed
04-Jun-82 WSK Okecie Antonov 2R SP-WCF Zegrze Pomor...   unknown
09-Sep-81 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WMN Zagrodno   crashed
26-Mar-81 LOT Antonov 24B SP-LTU near Slupsk-Redzi... 1 crashed
12-Nov-80 APRL Antonov 2R SP-CNI Drzenin   crashed
31-Jul-80 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WLU Krosinko   crashed
31-May-80 WSK Mielec Antonov 2TD SP-ANC Gierioz   crashed
14-Mar-80 LOT Ilyushin 62 SP-LAA near Warszawa-Oke... 87 crashed
23-Jan-80 LOT Tupolev 134 SP-LGB Warszawa-Oke... 0 crashed
06-Jul-79 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WOD Drzenin   crashed
06-Jun-79 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WWG Dybowo-Olecko   crashed
13-May-79 WSK Okecie Antonov 2R SP-CNK     crashed
05-Jul-78 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WSS Wielbark   crashed
29-May-78 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WOY Gryzy   crashed
19-Apr-78 LOT Antonov 24B SP-LTN near Rzeszów   crashed
02-Mar-78 Aeropol Antonov 2PF SP-TBC Rebiechowo   crashed
02-Nov-76 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WNP Rychnów   crashed
23-Aug-75 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WOE Jackowo   crashed
18-Apr-75 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WNG Minieta Szla...   crashed
30-Aug-74 ZUA Antonov 2R SP-WLT Redlo   crashed
23-Jul-74 APRL Antonov 2TD SP-ANG     crashed
28-Nov-73 WSK Okecie Antonov 2R SP-WCB Sadow   crashed
30-Aug-73 APRL Antonov 2TD SP-DNK Katowice   crashed
02-Apr-69 LOT Antonov 24B SP-LTF near Zawoja 53 crashed
24-Jan-69 LOT Antonov 24B SP-LTE Wroclaw 0 crashed
16-Dec-63 LOT Lisunov Li-2T SP-LBG Warszawa-Oke... 0 crashed
17-Sep-63 PZL-Mielec PZL MD-12 SP-PAL near Bialobrzegi 5 crashed
19-Dec-62 LOT Vickers 804 Viscount SP-LVB near Warszawa-Oke... 33 crashed
25-Aug-60 LOT Lisunov Li-2P SP-LAL near Tczew 6 crashed
11-Apr-58 LOT Convair CV-240-12 SP-LPB Warszawa-Oke... 0 crashed
14-Apr-55 LOT Lisunov Li-2P SP-LAE Katowice 0 crashed
19-Mar-54 LOT Lisunov Li-2P SP-LAH near Gruszowice 1 crashed
13-Mar-53 LOT Douglas C-47 (DC-3) SP-LCH Katowice 0 crashed
07-Oct-52 LOT Lisunov Li-2P SP-LAO     crashed
18-Jul-52 LOT Ilyushin 12B SP-LHC Warszawa 0 crashed
19-May-52 LOT Lisunov Li-2T SP-LBD near Sowina   crashed
15-Nov-51 LOT Lisunov Li-2P SP-LKA near Lódz Airport... 16 crashed
29-Mar-50 LOT Lisunov Li-2T SP-LBA     crashed
28-Mar-50 LOT Douglas C-47A (DC-3) SP-LCC     unknown
26-May-48 LOT Lisunov Li-2T SP-LBC near Popowice   unknown
19-Apr-45 Aeroflot Lisunov PS-84 CCCP-L3976 near Kielce 11 crashed
21-Dec-44 Aeroflot Douglas C-47A (DC-3) CCCP-L870 between Rzes... 6 destroyed
26-Jan-44 Deutsche Lufthansa Douglas DC-2-211 D-AAID near Plocicz 0 crashed
31-Jan-35 Deruluft Junkers Ju-52/3mge D-AREN near Szczecin 11 crashed
10-Mar-34 Deutsche Lufthansa Junkers F.24k2ay (G.24) D-1019 Gliwice   crashed

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