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Airlines in Romania Flag of romania

This page provides links to all currently operating international, regional, domestic, passenger and cargo airlines registered in Romania. Click on Airline Name for contact, fleet, route and accident data.

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Airlines in Romania
Airline Main Base
IATA code
ICAO code
IATA Prefix
Start of ops.
Air Bucharest Bucharest (OTP)
Blue Air Bucharest (BBU)
Carpatair Timisoara (TSR)
Jetran Air Bucharest (BBU)
Romavia Bucharest (BUU)
TAROM Bucharest (BUU)

Airlines defunct since 2000 in
Airline Fate
IATA code
ICAO code
Start of ops.
End of ops.

Airline hull loss accidents in Romania
Airline Aircraft type Reg. Location Fatal
01-Aug-15 Aero West Antonov 2R YR-PEG Stancuta 1 crashed
20-Jan-14 Scoala Superioara de Aviatie Civila BN-2A-27 Islander YR-BNP near Petreasa, Alba 2 crashed
10-May-13 Aero Scoroget Antonov 2R YR-LRA Strehaia 0 crashed
23-Apr-12 Aerogetic Antonov 2R YR-BOR Dârvari 0 crashed
16-Jan-09 Ion Tiriac Air IAI 1126 Galaxy YR-TIG Oradea Airpo... 0 crashed
03-Jul-08 Eurojet Antonov 2   Stefanesti 0 crashed
10-May-08 Victor Avia Antonov 2R YR-PBL near Ulmeni 1 crashed
22-Apr-08 Romavia, op.for Carpatair BAe-146-200 YR-BEB Bucharest-Ot... 0 crashed
30-Dec-07 Tarom Boeing 737-38J YR-BGC Bucharest-Ot... 0 crashed
27-Jan-05 Farnair Hungary Let L-410UVP-E4 HA-LAR near Iasi Airport... 2 crashed
22-Feb-96 Romanian CAA Antonov 24RV YR-BMK near Baia Mare Ai... 8+ 2 crashed
31-Mar-95 Tarom Airbus A310-324 YR-LCC near Bucharest-Ot... 60 crashed
08-Jan-94 Travair Beech A100 King Air OO-TLS Bacau Airpor... 0 crashed
11-Nov-92 Aviatia Utilitara BN-2A-27 Islander YR-BNS Tulcea Airpo...   unknown
13-Aug-91 Tarom Ilyushin 18V YR-IMH near Uricani 9 crashed
10-Jan-91 Romavia Boeing 707-3K1C YR-ABD Bucharest-Ot... 0 crashed
28-Dec-89 Tarom Antonov 24RV YR-BMJ near Visina 7 crashed
14-Nov-89 Aviatia Utilitara Antonov 2R YR-PMG Sânmartin   crashed
26-May-89 Aviatia Utilitara BN-2A-27 Islander YR-BNJ Bubocu   unknown
09-Feb-89 Tarom Tupolev 154B-2 YR-TPJ Bucharest-Ot... 5 crashed
05-Sep-86 Tarom Antonov 24RV YR-AMF Cluj Airport... 3 crashed
25-Jan-82 Tarom Antonov 24RV YR-BMD near Constanta Ai... 7 crashed
21-Jul-81 Aviatia Utilitara Antonov 2R YR-PVJ near Stupina 0 crashed
23-Oct-79 Aviatia Utilitara Antonov 2R YR-APF Campina   crashed
23-Nov-77 Malev Ilyushin 18V HA-MOF Bucharest-Ot... 0 destroyed
21-Sep-77 Malev Tupolev 134 HA-LBC near Urziceni 29 crashed
27-Jun-77 Aviatia Utilitara BN-2A-27 Islander YR-BNI Nucet 5 crashed
21-Apr-77 Tarom Ilyushin 18V YR-IMI Bucharest-Ot... 0 crashed
09-Apr-76 Aviatia Utilitara Antonov 2 YR-ANF near Cobadin 2 crashed
01-Mar-76 Tarom VEB 14P YR-ILO near Sibiu Airpor... 6 crashed
18-Jul-75 Aviatia Utilitara Antonov 2 YR-ANE Mircea Voda 0 crashed
29-Dec-74 Tarom Antonov 24RV YR-AMD near Sibiu Airpor... 33 crashed
20-Oct-74 Aviatia Utilitara Antonov 2R YR-APV Topraisar 1 crashed
15-Nov-71 Tarom Antonov 24RV YR-AMA Bucharest-Ot... 0 crashed
07-Dec-70 Tarom BAC One-Eleven 424EU YR-BCA near Constanta-Ko... 19 crashed
04-Feb-70 Romanian Government, op.for Tarom Antonov 24B YR-AMT Vladeasa mou... 20 crashed
11-Aug-66 Tarom Lisunov Li-2 YR-TAN Lotrioara Va... 24 crashed
09-Oct-64 Tarom Ilyushin 14P YR-ILB near Cugir 31 crashed
13-Jun-64 Tarom Lisunov Li-2P YR-DAC Paragina Hill   crashed
29-Jul-62 Aviatia Utilitara Antonov 2 YR-AND Batanii Mici   crashed
09-Apr-62 Aviatia Utilitara Antonov 2 YR-ANO near Draganescu   crashed
08-Oct-60 Tarom Lisunov Li-2 YR-TAX Mironeasa-Iassy   crashed
15-Nov-50 TARS Lisunov Li-2P YR-TAA Fagaras Moun...   crashed
13-Aug-47 TARS Lisunov Li-2 YR-TAV Bucharest-Ba... 3 crashed
19-Jun-41 LARES Douglas DC-3-227 YR-PAF Bucharest 0 crashed
17-Jan-41 Malert Junkers Ju-52/3mg3e HA-JUA near Nagyvárad (O... 12 crashed
23-Aug-40 LARES Douglas DC-3-227 YR-PIF near Risculita 11 crashed
24-Jul-40 LOT Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra SP-BPK Bucharest-Ba...   crashed
18-Aug-38 LOT Lockheed 14-H Super Electra SP-BNJ Bucharest-Ba... 0 crashed
22-Jul-38 LOT Lockheed 14-H Super Electra SP-BNG Negrileasa, ... 14 crashed
06-Aug-37 Aeroflot / International Douglas DC-2-152 URSS-M25 near Bistrita 5 crashed

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